Gear Review: GSP Ghost Pick Set

Gear Review

Today I am reviewing Peterson’s GSP Ghost Pick Set.

GSP stands for “Government Steel Pick” and is a special stainless steel alloy chosen by the master locksmith himself, Mr. Ken Persson. These lock picks not only come in the 0.025 thick GSP Steel, but they were of the first ever lock picks to offer molded rubber handles! This set has got it all and I personally believe it is one of the best and most complete sets of lock picks you can buy for under $100. There are many companies that offer what I call “budget sets”, but this sits apart from all the others with its absolute quality and performance.

This set includes the following:

1H1-GSPHook 1 Pick in 0.025
1H5-GSPHook 5 Pick in 0.025
1PR-GSPPeterson Reach Pick in 0.025
1BG-1 GSPBogie Series 1 Pick in 0.025
1BG-2-18 GSPBogie Series 2 Pick in 0.018
1LR-GSPLong Ripple Pick in 0.025
1Pry Bar LiteTop of Keyway Tension Wrench (no teeth)
6TTSBottom of Keyway Tension Wrenches (no flex)

But wait! Those 6 “Turning Tool” Straight Tension Wrenches come in different widths and thicknesses.

TTS-10.1000.0205 inches
TTS-20.1200.0204 inches
TTS-30.1200.0304 inches
TTS-40.1200.0305 inches
TTS-50.1200.0254 inches
TTS-60.1200.0255 inches

Ghost Lock Pick SetAnd last but not least, a padded nylon case. This case is very unique because it is the only padded nylon case currently available on the market as of 2017. The thick padding not only protects your investment, but it saves your britches from getting holes in them every time you sit down with this pick set in your pocket.

Do not be fooled, there are also some advanced SPP (Single Pin Picking) techniques you can apply with those tools. Let’s see exactly what makes this set up so great.

BOK: Bottom of Keyway Tension
When using the BOK tension wrenches, consider using the Peterson Reach Pick only. Why? Because you have very little space to insert your pick now that the tension wrench is filling up half of the keyhole. That is what the Reach Pick is designed for. It is designed to have a lower profile on the shank to squeeze into tight places. Otherwise you run the risk of over setting the first 2 or 3 key pins with a hook pick, while trying to get to pin 4 and 5 in the back. Sometimes you can use a Hook 1 Pick while using BOK tension, but chances are the lock you are picking only has 4 or 5 pins, with key pins only having 5 depths to them (such as Master Lock). This means YOU ARE LUCKY that you haven’t been over setting the key pins. And if you are having trouble with an easy lock, this could be why. You are most likely over setting the first couple pins. On better locks, with 9 depths per key pin, you will not be as lucky. This is what makes the GSP Ghost Pick Set so great! Not only do you get 6 different Bottom of Keyway Tension Wrenches to try out, but you get the Peterson Reach to go with them.

TOK: Top of Keyway Tension
So you want to use the Hook 1 and Hook 5 picks for those shorter key pins in the back, but you keep over setting the first two pins. This is a great time to try the Pry Bar Lite at the top of the keyway. Now that the bottom of the keyway has been cleared by placing the Pry Bar Lite at the top, we can now insert any kind of pick into the bottom of the keyway. Since this set comes with a Hook 1 and a Hook 5, this is your chance to try them out and see what they do best. However if you have any other types of lock picks you want to try, there is no better time than this. Do you like Half Diamond Picks? Do you prefer the Peterson Gem Pick? Want to try something wacky like the Double Ball Pick? Now you can use these picks because you have twice as much room! Your only resistance will be the tightness of the keyway you’re working on.

Lastly, it’s not suggested to use TOK tension when raking, as you will only knock the Pry Bar Lite out every time you jiggle the rake. However, if you use the Bogie 1 or Bogie 2 Rake Pick that comes with that set, you can “gently” scrub the pins till you get 3 or 4 pins to quickly set at the sheer line. Then just pull the rake out while holding your tension, and use your Hook 1 or Hook 5 Pick to set the last pin to the sheer line.

Best Beginner Lock Pick Set - GSP Ghost Set


This set not only has everything you need to tackle any pin tumbler lock in North America, but it’s at a great price for the quality you receive. Check it out today!


3.9/5 (16 Reviews)

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Best Selling Beginner Lock Pick Set

The GSP Ghost Set is our most bad ass and most desired lock pick set!

It has everything you need as a picker to clobber any pin tumbler lock at any skill level — and you’ll have fun doing it!