A Graphical Guide to Lock Picking

Visual Guide to Lock Picking

So you are looking to pick a lock? Well look no further than our quick and dirty guide to lock picking. Our goal with creating this visual guide was to extract only the necessary components involved in successfully picking a lock. With that, let us get started with single pin picking!

The Guide to Single Pin Lock Picking

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Take Your Lock Picking Skills Further!

While this simple guide is enough to get anyone’s feet wet, the craft of lock picking doesn’t stop here. Not by a long shot! These were but simple steps for anyone to mimic. By learning the basic theory and techniques behind lock picking, your success at picking locks will skyrocket. And the best part is, it’s not a terribly difficult skill to acquire. Within hours you could be picking locks with a seemingly innate knowledge of not only how locks work, but what exactly you are manipulating within them. If you wish to develop your lock picking skills beyond mere mediocrity, take a look at our comprehensive beginner’s guide to lock picking!

Beginner Lock Picking Sets

[the_ad id=”6782″]While you can get away with picking a basic lock with bobby pins or similar items, owning and utilizing the appropriate set of tools will not only aid in your success, but also in the development of your skills. A quality set of lock picks is a relatively low-cost investment and will always be there in your time of need. You can find a decent set on Amazon or take a look at our featured sets in our store.

Note: Before you consider buying a set of lock picks, it is always preferred that you check your state or country laws regarding the legality of owning locksmithing tools. In the United States there are only four states that do not allow possession of lock picking tools. These states are Mississippi, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia. Any other state is free game! For more information on the legality in your state or country check out LockWiki.